Thursday, August 16, 2007

O'Connell planned for Malawi

THE long bungalow that will become Jack McConnell's , the Labour Party's ex-First Minister of the Scottish Parliament , new home sits behind high walls and armed guards in the best part of Lilongwe. He will also have staff to cook his food and clean the house, which has two wide rooms at the front, perfect for the sort of cocktail parties he will get used to . The house is the property of the British government and is the official residence of the High Commissioner of Malawi. The former First Minister will no doubt enjoy being driven again by chauffeurs, though this time he will use Foreign Office Range Rovers .

Mr McConnell will take on that post in 2009, earning a six-figure salary in sterling - the equivalent of 278 million Malawian kwacha every year when the average salary there is 91,462 kwacha or £329.

High Commissioners are the British equivalent of ambassadors to Commonwealth countries.
Mr McConnell will be the Queen's senior representative in Malawi. He will liaise with the Malawian government and pursue Britain's interests in the southern African country. We in Scotland know just only how well he serves the interests of Britain .

Paul Boateng, the former Labour minister, is the High Commissioner to South Africa and Helen Liddell, the former Labour Scottish Secretary, is the Governor General of Australia.

Rejected or discarded British Labour politicians appear to have a guaranteed job in the Diplomatic Service

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