Thursday, October 04, 2012

no work, no future

Africa - were it one country - has a 72 percent unemployment rate.

 Without work, millions of poor and poorly educated young Africans will sit at home trying to make sense of why they spent so long in school and why their parents made huge sacrifices to send them there. Why did they bother if it means a never ending time waiting for life to begin when they will have a job, can get married and have a family.

  Alcinda' Honwana writes in The Time of Youth, "Could this represent the beginning of an era in which young people will no longer allow themselves to be manipulated by the elites into fighting ethnic and religious conflicts but instead choose the fight for their own socioeconomic and political rights? Could this mean that the waithood generation in Africa is shifting the battlefield from identity-based conflict into class inequality and rights-based conflict?"

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