Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A weaker ANC

1) 26 million people in South Africa today face abject poverty, 25 million of these are African
2) In 2004, 48% of South Africans were living below R524 a month, in 2011 this increased to 52.3%
3) There are now more people in South Africa living in shacks as there were in 2009 (13.4% in 2009, 14.1% in 2012)
4) In May 2008 there were 5.1 million unemployed people in South Africa, today there are more than 7 million
5) South Africa remains the most unequal country on the planet, our Gini Coefficient, which is a measure of inequality, increased from 0.66 in 1993 to 0.7 in 2008.
6) Between 2009 and 2012, 271,000 jobs in manufacturing have been lost and between 2007 and 2010, manufacturing declined from 17% of GDP to 15%.

The ANC received 62.15% of the valid votes cast, but 64% of South Africans did not vote for the ANC. Combined, out of the total potential and actually registered voters in South Africa today, analysis of election statistics confirms that the ANC has been, this year, elected into government by a mere 36 per cent of all those who were eligible to vote. There is diminishing support for the ANC in the voting trends since 1994. From a high of 53.01% in 1994, the ANC has disastrously dropped to 36.39% of the share of votes in 2014. This is the true story that reflects the reality of the loss of confidence in the ANC.

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