Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The tentacles of US power

United States special operations forces are in Libya, Niger, Mauritania, and Mali  to train and install small teams of elite counter-terror commandos.

The US Department of Defense has spent almost $70 million to assist in training a counterterrorism battalion in Niger, as well as a similar team in Mauritania as well as $16 million spent on training and equipping two companies of Libyan troops and associated support elements. The Libyan venture ended in chaos when at a secret military base outside of Tripoli,  militiamen seized “hundreds of American-supplied automatic weapons, night-vision goggles, vehicles and other equipment” from the compound.

The US has also established a network of surveillance aircraft in Africa, including a facility in Niger that assists French forces combating militants in Mali. In addition, the US has installed an unmanned drone site in Chad.

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