Wednesday, June 01, 2016

The African Refugee Problem

Africa is home to about 18 million forcibly displaced people, more than one-fourth of the total 60 million worldwide.

The majority of forced displacement movements in Africa happen within its territory, forcing the continent to shoulder a large burden – hosting nearly 20% of the world’s refugees and 30% of the world’s Internally Displaced Persons. Displaced people consist of Refugees, who cross international borders, and Internally Displaced Persons, who are displaced from one region of a country to another. Some African countries have hosted large displaced populations for over 20 years. With displacement continuing for years, affecting the ability of generations to access opportunities, it’s clear that camps aren’t the answer in the long term.

According to Mr. Valentin Tapsoba, Director of UNHCR’s Africa Program, “With the steady increase in the number of displaced people in Africa – the highest in its history – the resources available to help host communities and Governments to sustain their exceptional hospitality are not growing proportionally.”

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