Saturday, July 09, 2016

Abstaining from voting

The African National Congress has forgotten what poverty looks like because they are now living well, a Khutsong resident in Carletonville said on Thursday.

Moeketsi Msiya told News24 he would not be voting for the ruling party because it always forgot "the people at the bottom". 

"The ANC only looks after themselves… If I vote for these people, they will forget about me," the 37-year-old said outside his home during a door-to-door campaign by the ANC. Msiya was born and bred in Khutsong and described it as a place which had no progress. "The youth here are addicted to nyaope and alcohol starting from 15 years."

He said they often dropped out of school and he didn't blame them because there was nothing motivating them to stay in school. "There is no progress here," he said, visibly angry and frustrated.

He said come August 3, he would abstain from voting as he did not trust any of the parties running for local government elections.

"I will only vote for someone who knows what it is to be poor, someone who knows what it is like to eat just plain pap and gravy for supper. I will only vote for someone who I know lives among the people and knows our struggles," he said.

Nikiwe Kutta vowed never to vote for the ANC again after it had made them "so many empty promises". Kutta told News24 she was no longer interested in what the ruling party had to say because their words did not translate into actions. "I'm tired of the ANC. They only give us empty promises… and ask us to vote but I will never. I would rather vote for the white man," she says.

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