Thursday, February 22, 2018

Top 10 rich families in Kenya

 Moi Family 

Daniel Torotich Arap Moi is among the four presidents to lead in Kenya. Moi together with his family is one of the wealthiest families in Kenya. Moreover one of the wealthiest man in Africa as his family controls vast resources of the country from real estates, production, to the farming sector. Undoubted sources demonstrate that the Moi's family through his youngsters Philip and Gideon Moi oversee and administer various ventures outside the country. All in all, the Moi's family's assets can be surveyed to be more than $ 3 billion. He can without a doubt be the wealthiest man in Kenya 2018, and if he continues so, he could be closing the gap with the wealthiest men in Africa. 

Manu Chandaria and family 

Any fortunate individual who dwells in Kenya or considers essential news in Kenya would know Manu Chandaria as one of the big names to grace the nation if not continent. Mr. Chandaria is a veteran in the business industry which controls different local and overall world merged organizations. Mr.Chandaria influenced his father to build up his business (Comcraft). An aluminum cookware firm that is notable in Kenya and its boundaries. Mr. Chandaria is similarly in connection with other entrepreneurial undertakings.He is one of the wealthiest men in Kenya with an aggregate net worth of $2.5 billion from his organizations.To this, the Chandaria's are sharply drawn in with liberal activities of offering back to the general public. He is the most affluent individual in Kenya who isn't into dynamic political issues as his wealth comes only from his many jobs. 

 Biwott and family 

Nicholas Biwott is an outstanding man notably since he enjoys using his nickname ' total man". Well, what we can state is that the name has earned him a spot at the rundown of the wealthiest men in Kenya. Biwott is an exceptionally talented businessman in Kenya who has sufficiently aggregated power and built up fast-growing business entities. Biwott takes care of the major sectors of the nation's economy. A number of the segments incorporate; tourism, real estate, mining, airport and furthermore ventures in the importation of fuel which he later pitches to local retailers. Biwott possesses the above businesses as well as stretching out to the outside world, owning Australia largest ranch and the biggest Israel hotel. With an expected net-worth of $1.1 billion, we can apparently concur he should be on this list. 

Bhimji Depar Shah and family 

Bhimji Depar Shah, one of the founders and the Chairman of BIDCO Group of Companies, is one of the known entrepreneurs in Kenya. Bidco is a family owned entity that involves two brothers, and their father with its ties to at-least 14 nations across Africa. With his high commitment to BIDCO Company, Mr. Shah gets a reasonable opening among the wealthiest people in Kenya with their family assets totaling to about $700 million. 

Kenyatta's family 

The family is not only known to have been the family to the founder and president of Kenya. But, are also known to venture into large business all over the country and beyond.Thanks to their father Mzee Jommo Kenyatta who did not hesitate to take land from the British during the transition period. This factor made the family own large pieces of land to date that have been utilized in sizeable agricultural farming of coffee and sisal to mention just a few. Kenyatta's family has businesses from real estates, agribusiness, energy, banking, schools to media transmission businesses. A portion of the organizations related to the Kenyatta's family incorporates Brookside. The Kenyatta's family is among the rich families in Kenya with their total assets presently remaining at Kenya $ 500 million. This figure puts them at a definite top position of the wealthiest families.

 Naushad Merali family

Naushad is a well-known financial investor who does not limit his investment boundaries. He connects to the like of Warren Buffet of the USA. Mr. Merali is to a great extent perceived for being magnificent with regards to money related ventures. He invests everywhere as he doesn't limit himself to a specific sector yet, spreads his venture to different growing industries in the market. Which include the East Africa Batteries, Sasini Tea and Coffee, and Yana Tires. Mr. Naushad has been competent to set up a scooping fortune of $ 431.7million from all his investments. 

Odinga family 

Raila Odinga's total assets are approximately at $ 400 million which puts him exactly where he ought to be in this tilt. Raila Odinga's name is found in this list as he has bunches of businesses under his name. Being the son of Kenya's first Vice-president, he has additionally partaken in shaping this developing Kenyan economy. Mr. Odinga has been recognized to be a noteworthy part in leading the opposition political arena of the nation through years. 

Chris Kirubi family 

Chris Kirubi is the proprietor of one of the biggest media houses in the country, making him a business-oriented individual and entrepreneur. He is moreover one of the three primary investors in Kenya power, the nation's leading source of energy distributors. Chris Kirubi is additionally one of the financial specialists in Centum group, and through that, he is believed to have gotten up to $ 300 million. 

Dr. James Mwangi family

Dr. James Mwangi is among the fast-rising business financial specialists in Kenya, with a share level of 3.45% in one of the leading private banks in Kenya (Equity Bank). With the exemption of banking, Dr. James is likewise an investor in the hospitality industry. Reliable sources claim that he owns one of the big hotels in the country. Mr. Mwangi is additionally an investor in one of the major insurance agencies in Kenya (Britam organization) where he has managed to develop his wealth with $ 187.5 million, making his family one of the rich families in Kenya. 

S.K. Macharia and family 

S.K. Macharia as is widely recognized as the short named man. Despite his name being short he stands tall in the business industry and media owning the most significant radio network in Kenya. With a radio listenership evaluated at 70% of all Kenyans.He possesses various stations in both English, Swahili, and Vernacular that incorporate Citizen TV, Kiss, Radio Jambo, Ramogi, Muuga, Chamgei, Iinooro, Bahari, and Wimwaro. His total assets are assessed to estimate about $150 million. He is in actuality said to be an all-rounder. His interests of investing in Agriculture, Real Estate, Transport, Banking, and Telecommunication are found in every major organization in Kenya.

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