Sunday, January 22, 2012

Down with all royalty, nobility and leaders!

The environment/situation in which people live has influence/effects to their perception/perspective: The year is 1959. This is Southern Rhodesia; we are doing standard 2 at a catholic school, it is the second day of the second term, a classmate had failed to submit homework (assigned to the whole class on the closing day of the first term – wanted on opening day of the second term). Enter the classmate, accompanied by an irate grandfather (93 years old but still energetic): “…you and your silly arifmetiki (arithmetic), I will straighten you…(advancing towards the teacher), you want to punish this child for failing to write how many mombe (cows) he would bring home after missing eight out of fifteen in the grazing area…We never own any mombe,. Anyway, if we did and he misses 8, he must never come near my homestead. As for you (teacher) I am going to inform the chief’s policeman to whip you very hard…the govamend (govt) says nobody must own more than 5, and you talk of 15!…worst of all I am told this boy is now Roman (baptised Catholic). I am Zezuru. Did my daughter-in-law commit adultery?…"

Humans created religion to work alongside politics and ideology. Initially, the father was head of the family, eventually clan, tribe, region and nation. There was no ‘central government’ in Africa, it came as late as 1900. The man dictated the mode of living and belief. The above grandpa was a full-grown young man when the pioneer column hoisted the union jack at Fort Salisbury on 12 September 1890. He was very bitter about the ‘new’ system, the vanity of bothering children learning to count cattle which were no longer there, the last having been sold to buy school uniform, books and a rosary for the new young Roman, thus (according to grandpa) angering the ancestors, hence the misfortune befalling the little boy (being whipped/punished for failing to do home work). How did anyone expect a man, let alone a little boy, to be able to count cows which were not there and the monstrosity of a priest (then all European) managing to Romanise a boy born Zezuru? Earlier, he had argued with his son (the boy’s father) that it was better to teach the boy to make bows and arrows, spears, axes for hunting wild animals and making fishing nets instead of wasting cattle paying to learn the useless alien things.

All would be well if aliens had gone to foreign lands on friendly terms. It was a bid to wipe out all ‘not our kind’. However, if the UNO were not manipulated to be a mere embassy/secretariat of the USA things would work out better. It is now time to call on all conscientious rationalists to expose that the current world system, socio-economic-religious, is designed to protect the splendour of the ruling elites and prescribe poverty for/to the majority. Royalty, nobility, holy (holiness) are all primitive, selfish myths manufactured by hallucinated ancients, initially innocent due to the abundance of ignorance. So, it is staggering that erudite Westerners continue to propagate the selfish ideals. It is tragic that due to mysticism, youths remain gullible; they are fooled that they will find eternal comfort and glory in a star-spangled banner/union jack draped coffin, the little inconvenience of losing a limb can never outweigh the glory of decorated soldiers (in some cases even armless). The leaders occasionally enter Kabul, Baghdad, stealthily, to pretend ‘bravery’, but the announcement that they are around is made when the plane is almost landing in London or Washington. See! They are prepared to die with their golden boys! We an sympathise with our Middle Eastern brethren: what with ‘prescribed’ literature only, no questioning of set rules. Yes, it was so everywhere but in the age of the internet! (Although I do not have the facility personally.) add the splendour and a dozen virgins in the ‘after life’. Surely modern communication systems should help to expose the vanity of mysticism/myths, educate and inform all. All current world leaders have one thing in common, greedy and selfish! Unmoved by suffering billions, many starving or killed at the direct commands of the very leaders. Note: they are touched to the quick at the death of just one of theirs who has been doing, commanding just that to thousands, unheeding the pleas of millions!

There is an urgent need for redress, not that we must kill our leaders but that the message must be loud and clear that pleading for redress and justice is not subversion or sabotage.

Is it not amazing that our leaders on all sides of the religious divide with so much trust in god and heaven can sacrifice the whole nation, including their wives and children to prevent their own going to god? Ay! When staring the door to god (death) in the face even offer bribes to god’s agent, the murderer?

Disgusting, horrible, shocking as such butcherings are! It must register in the conscience (if they have any) of all the Blairs, Bushes, Camerons, Obamas and all commanders-in-chief that the millions they starve, command to be tortured/killed feel horror, pain and grief as when a king, queen, prime minister, president, commander-in-chief is hurt! Do our today leaders have any compassion? Look at Zimbabwe now: people (millions) suffering, no social security for workers, peasants (supposed) pensioners, but cabinet, MPs and senior civil servants in splendour despite crocodile tears by leadership that suffering is caused by sanctions. What currency is Zimbabwe using by the way? Note: the constitution-making process is rushed. It has no regard for the socio-economic security for the mass. Leadership is concentrating on the electoral process, powers and terms of leaders only. Well, people who make good constitutions never rush for full powers which all sides of Zimbabwe leaders are over lusty for because their constitution transfers all splendour to legislature and prescribe poverty to the masses. If international organs such as UN and SADC/AU were effective they would enforce constitutions which have common people’s socio-economic security before elections (and just 5-year terms) are held. After all democracy ends on election day. The next 5 years it is the cabinet and prime ministers/presidents, dictating. The mass is just there to endorse the 5-year mandate and be fooled again. Alas! World leader have compassion only for fellow leaders elsewhere.

It is the silly adopted/inherited primitive belief in holy, noble, royal people which perpetuates that idiocy. Before nature we are all equal. We should co-operate and have global liaison/co-ordination as equals. The best way to convince our dogmatic brethren, especially in Africa and the Middle East, is not to bomb or torture them but to expose the idiocy/myths such as the talking donkey (Numbers 22:28-30) and “…nation shall not lift sword against nation…, nor shall they learn war anymore” (Isaiah 2:4).

Only last November 8-20, 2011 the USA bought a £30,000.000 bomb which can penetrate 200 metres underground! So much for the holy book/god’s word!

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