Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Curse Charity

I worked as a school manager at Bridge International Academiesfrom  2010 to mid this year. The company’s business is educating the less fortunate in society at an affordable cost. Most of the company's schools are constructed using iron sheets. And they are located in the slums.

Workers (teachers, school managers) in these schools are poorly paid, work for long hours and are not represented in any trade union. The proprietor of these schools is a top American capitalist. Profit is his main theme, though from time to time high quality education is dangled to parents and in prospectuses to attract them to the schools.

Workers are paid per the pupils who pay that month. Those who pay later on don't count for this and the money remains the profit of the company (worker's sweat). Any worker who makes a slight attempt to as complain or show displeasure is shown the door.

Morale has been low and prospects of employees scaling the corporate ladder are slim as there is no upward mobility in the firm. The company pays US nationals handsomely while Kenyans are left to feed on crumbs.

Out of the 210 schools, 75% are profitable but this profit doesn't get to those who make this a reality (teachers and school managers).

If that's the way capitalism operates, then damn the system. It's ugly and repugnant. Companies ought to realise that without their workers the wheels of their operations would grid to a halt.

Nairobi, Kenya.

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