Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A letter from Zimbabwe

An e-mail received that describes the problems and difficulties many face in Zimbabwe

Dear Comrade,
I write you after our so-called rerun presidential election. My friend, politics happens to be a dirty game in Zimbabwe. After the harmonised election of 29th March everybody, even the outside world, had a full hope that Zimbabwe is now free. Alas, the Mugabe regime turned the normal situation upside down.

Truly speaking, three-quarters of Zimbabweans voted for the MDC party led by Morgan Tsvangirai against Mugabe of ZANU PF. But this was like pouring petrol on a fire. The regime government delayed the counting of votes and started beating up the mass. They call it operation "wquhotera papi", whom did you vote for? Whoever voted for MDC is now an enemy of ZANU PF. Presiding officers were arrested. Some DCs arrested too, said they contributed to the losing of ZANU PF. MDC polling agencies were arrested, killed and beaten up. MDC is being said is the party backed by our former British colonialists.

Comrade, houses were burnt and pulled down. My friend, Zimbabwe is not a free state or never will be free if ZANU PF while is still existing. There is no other political party other than ZANU PF and there is no other president other than Robert Mugabe. No freedom of association in this country. No democracy, no freedom. Mugabe is a diehard. Conquering Mugabe is like trapping an elephant with a spider’s web. Thabo Mbeki is just playing tricks. SADCC is nothing. OAU is nothing. What I discovered is that most African leaders are dictators. Once they are in power they are in power for ever. They don’t want to say it publicly that they need a one party state, but that’s the very situation in Zimbabwe and some African states.

Whoever obtained his independence through the bullet shall be removed from power by the bullet too. In Zimbabwe talks, talks, talks are nothing. Now they are saying let’s go round the table. Outside where ZANU PF militia, war vets, youths will be busy killing and beating others. That’s why the MDC pulled out from the election, again, he didn’t turn up for the negotiations between ZANU PF, MDC-T and MDC-M, which was called recently by Thabo Mbeki. British and Americans they are stupid. Rather sanctions doesn’t work in Zimbabwe. They are increasing our suffering. What I discovered Britain and America have got some interests in Zimbabwe but on account of the political situation in this country, they are enjoying nothing. Sanctioning Zimbabwe is not the way of calming down the political atmosphere in this country. Britain should not remove the present government by the bullet. We are hearing all this nonsense who is Britain in Zimbabwe they want to worsen the situation. The crisis in Zimbabwe needs the attention of SADCC and OAU and Zimbabwe, they must talk gently with this man Mugabe. If he refused they should have to leave him behind. Because forcing him will lead to an outbreak of war. Mugabe is not a mere President, he is the commander-in-chief of the Zimbabwean defence forces , mind you.

MDC cannot mobilise the army, but Mugabe can do so. What I have seen is first and foremost the constitution of this country must be revised. If Mbeki wants to be a good mediator he must help us to have a new fresh constitution then after that talks, talks. When people went to vote they were no MDC agencies in some centres. Most people were assisted to vote. This whole nonsense is caused by the Constitution. Constitution first they go to polls here and things will be alright. We don’t need war in this country. Thank you comrade for your attention.

Comrade G, Nembudzia, Zimbabwe. 12 July.

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