Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tanzania's Oil Curse

In the southern village of Mikindani in Kilwa district, Tanzania , the Songo Songo gas discovery resulted in electrification in this village - but only for the lucky, wealthy few.

Ishmail, a resident of Mikindani, a neighbouring port 10km south of Mtwara, wishes he could benefit from the gas discoveries. "We are mostly sesame and cashew farmers, or at least most of us would be if we had work. Unemployment here in Mikindani is a massive problem. Only eight to 10 percent of us work, and we are desperate," says Ishmail. "What does a person need? Health, a happy family, a home, food, and work. We don't have that, or clean water. Our problem is that the government, over 650km away in Dar es Salaam, has abandoned us … The gas will be exported to other areas, and here we will still be left without the basics."

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