Monday, November 13, 2017

Inequality in Gauteng

The bottom half of Gauteng’s richest residents earn at least 32 times more than households that fall into the median income bracket, a Gauteng City Region Observatory survey shows.
Residents who are at the lower end of the elite 1% make upwards of R76,800 a month, while those who fall into the median income bracket earn R2,400 a month, figures contained in the region observatory’s 2015-16 quality of life survey show. The survey is done every two years.
The 1% is described as a group of elite earners whose income outstrips that of most of the population.
The 1% earns about 31% of the income in the province, while 69% goes to the rest of Gauteng’s residents, the survey results show.
Fewer than half of people in the province owned a house.
Residents who fell into the 1% category were also more likely to have obtained higher education qualifications, than their poorer peers in the province.
A downside of being part of the 1% group of elite earners was a high debt burden.
A total 80% of households in the 1% group had a personal computer, laptop or tablet.
The 1% group were less affected by crime, presumably because they could afford better security, 

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