Wednesday, May 01, 2019

May Day is Still Our Day

When the workers' movement was young, the First of May was set aside as a day on which the workers of all countries would gather together in mass meetings to send to each other fraternal greetings and expressions of solidarity in the struggle against capitalist exploitation and oppression. Sadly, in many places such unity has faded. May Day today has little of its original character left. It is not taken seriously by many workers. 

Unfortunately, wage-workers are not yet ready for the great demonstration which shall demonstrate their irresistible might and determination to cast off, once and for all, their chains. 

Nevertheless, the wage-slaves are working away at their shackles and the day of emancipation is getting nearer.

Convinced that the only hope for the world lies with international socialism and that May Day should be an occasion to express this, the World Socialist Movement is disheartened. May Day reminds one of the few occasions capable of enthusing workers politically. We should not regard it as just another May Day. On the contrary. It is a further opportunity to spread the message of socialism. Let us make the most of it.

In a world of sordid nationalism and political reformism, the cause we stand for is WORLD SOCIALISM. Let us then demonstrate for this, the only thing worth demonstrating for, more confidently and more effectively than ever before, this May Day, 2019.

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