Wednesday, January 01, 2020

A New Year Message

Many will be wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year. We can do nothing about your prosperity but we can offer you a Happy New Year within of the World Socialist Movement helping to make known the socialist idea.

We want a different type of world — a new way of life. We think this earth and its riches should be at the disposal of the whole of mankind. That it should be used to meet our needs and not wasted on a market economy. A way of life based upon co-operation for the common good.

But we can’t get it without your assistance. After all, you will be running the world of socialism, so you’ve got to know something about it and what is involved. You’ll need to take an intelligent and active interest in politics before you take the eventual plunge to strip the capitalists of their ownership and herald a new society.

It’s now time that you cast aside your political blinkers and joined us in the only worth-while task. We can promise you hard work and the comradeship of a group of men and women who put principles before expediency. We have the power to change the world and the ability to run it in the interests of the human race. And the reasons for that are all too obvious.

Those who wish to make New Year resolutions of an unusual kind—resolutions to be kept—have an excellent opportunity. Let them make up their mind to study socialism, and work for its achievement in the way that is open to them: By joining us and helping with voice, pen, keyboard and other ways to speed the birth of a new and much-needed social order.

That is our New Year message to all workers.

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