Friday, October 02, 2020

Sudan's Disasters

 The UN Food and Agriculture Organization says the record floods in Sudan have affected nearly one third of cultivated land, and close to 600,000 households.

Over a million tonnes of grain have been destroyed, particularly sorghum, which is a staple crop, and many families are having to cut down to one small meal a day.

The floods have killed over 100 people.

Incomes have been affected too, as commercial crops including bananas and mangoes have also been badly hit.

The FAO says that the locust storms which have devastated crops in the Horn of Africa also still threaten the country.

Elsewhere,  41 people have died due to flooding in northern Nigeria, and more than 10,000 have been forced from their homes.

The head of the emergency agency in Jigawa state, Yusuf Sani Babura, told the BBC's Chris Ewokor that many families whose houses were destroyed are now staying in temporary shelters in public schools.

Many have also lost their livelihoods after crops and livestock were washed away.

A number of environmental experts have criticised what they called the poor preparations of the authorities to mitigate the effects of widespread flooding in Nigeria.

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