Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Carnage in CAR

 The Humanitarian Coordinator for the Central African Republic (CAR), Denise Brown, strongly condemns the armed violence which has caused the displacement of thousands of already displaced Central Africans and led to a significant reduction in humanitarian assistance in Alindao in the south of the country. 

"For the past week, the lives of thousands of civilians have been in imminent danger due to a series of armed clashes in Alindao where some groups of the population have been particularly targeted. These civilians who live from day to day are now cut off from their small source of income, food is increasingly scarce. They live in fear and are traumatized.  All parties to the conflict must stop all violence against civilians, civilian infrastructure, humanitarian actors and respect international humanitarian law. "

727,000 people are currently displaced in the country. 2.8 million people - 57% of the population - are in need of humanitarian assistance and protection. 1.9 million of them would not survive without the required assistance.

Cyclical armed violence seriously affects thousands of people in Alindao (6 July 2021) - Central African Republic | ReliefWeb

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