Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The Voice Of Reason From A Ugandan Farmer

I will not waste my land
Andrea Murinda, farmer, Kalangala,
Lake Victoria, Uganda.
The Ugandan government, along with
corporate giants Wilmar International
and BIDCO, are developing palm-
oil plantations on pristine islands in
Kalangala, Lake Victoria. Elite land-
owners are constantly looking for land
to sell or lease to the company. 
Everyone’s land or right to land is under
"I am Andrea Murinda and I am 70
years old. I live on my land with my
wife, we have been together for 40
years. This is the same land where
my grandparents, my father and I
were born. I have children and I have
grandchildren and what helps us all is
this land that we live on. We have two-
and-a-half acres, I use it to produce
all our food and make enough money
for the children’s school fees. On this
land of ours, I expect in time to come,
our children will return to live on it, but
if I waste this land, and plant other
crops on it, my land will be spoiled
and my children will not benefit. That
is why I will not plant palm trees here.
Palm takes too long to grow and has
expanding roots...Where will the next
generation grow food if the land is
spoiled? That is why I want this land
not to have palm growing...just 
cassava, potatoes, egg plants and 
greens. All short period crops that 
do not affect land fertility.
The palm does not bring soil fertility,
the palm will cost us money now 
and once that matures we
will have no way of making money.
This land has helped me, I have lived
here for 70 years and my forefathers
for over 200 years. This is our home,
our graveyards are here. I am here
with my wife and our grandchildren.
If we spoil the land, where shall we
grow food? If we plant palms, in the
future my grandchildren will not be
able to grow food."
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