Friday, October 04, 2013

No Trickle Down

Despite sustained economic growth in Africa over the past decade, most governments across the continent have failed to reduce poverty levels among their poorest citizens, a report has revealed. Africa has been home to some of the fastest and highest economic growth rates in the world over the past 10 years, with many countries posting annual gross domestic product figures in excess of five percent.

“While economic data suggests that African countries may be making important strides in achieving and sustaining high growth rates, survey data from 34 countries shows there is a disconnect between reported growth and the persistence, in both frequency and severity, of poverty among ordinary citizens.

The data reveals that bout 50 per cent of all the respondents reported they occasionally lacked access to food, clean water and medicine in 2012. But more worryingly, one in five Africans surveyed still experience extreme deprivation with respect to these basic necessities over the same period.

“Either economic growth is not trickling down to average citizens and translating into poverty reduction... or there is reason to question whether reported growth rates are actually being realised,” the researchers found.

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