Thursday, April 17, 2008

One People ,One World

Socialist Banner has previously directed attention to the anti-migrant tendencies in South Africa and once again we receive yet more reports of the same.

Socialist Banner can only agree with these statements made by a libertarian group in South Africa .

"No, Zimbabweans are not the reason why we have high crime rates and live in poverty! It is the capitalist system that needs starvation and unemployment to keep prices low, and it is the inequality generated by the capitalist system that drives people to crime! It is the ruling class and the government which protect capitalism. We should not attack people suffering from the same system we suffer from but the people who are behind it!...It is time to get rid of some of the myths that are around in South Africa: most criminals in this country actually are South Africans and not Zimbabweans or Congolese or whatever scapegoat you want to find! It is a myth in order to build a South African national identity but it is built on a lie...Other Africans for the first time in their life experience racism in South Africa, and this comes from both white and black South Africans...Xenophobia, meaning the fear of the foreign, is a sign of a society that has forgotten what its real enemy is: capitalism and everyone who supports this system (i.e. the state). It is as disgusting as racism to which it is closely related...The poor and working class people of this whole planet have more in common with each other than any working class does with its ruling class in any one country. To attack immigrants is to fight our own people instead of working together to build a better world.
We should be fighting for a world without artificial national borders between brothers and sisters in which no one is illegal!"

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Borges said...

Absolutely, immigrants are a part of the working class and should be seen as our brothers and sisters, rather than as competition. Make no mistake, the ratrace of capitalism yields no rewards as it has ceased to play a productive role anywhere except China (a large part of GDP growth is based on speculation and trading of imaginary sums rather than the development of the modes of production. And besides that, these rises in GDP reflect nothing on the conditions of the working class and impoverished farmers)