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African, why do you believe this hogwash?

Although whoever wrote the Bible wrote it all by rote, they did not write it right. At best it is a history of the Jews, their neighbours and their beliefs, tragically misunderstood, misinterpreted by psychologically defeated, timid, brainwashed and gullible Africans.

The story of Eden, Adam and ensuing events depicts an area and a primitive tribe, like all primitive (ancient) peoples, and primitive geography, who were not aware of the existence of other people and remote regions, and in other cases completely detached from them. Note that the Bible map is confined to the far north Africa (Egypt, Ethiopia and Libya), Middle East and a few neighbouring areas. That is why (I stand to be corrected) I have yet to come in the Bible across the fate of London, Moscow, Beijing, Pyongyang, Maputo, Harare, Gaborone, Cape Town, unlike the fate of Jerusalem.

“Swords beaten into ploughshares”, “spears into pruning hooks”, “nation shall not lift up sword against nation”, “nor shall they learn war any more” (Isaiah 2:3-4). “Prince of Peace”, “Endless peace” (Isaiah 9:6-7). Add the childish fibs in Isaiah 11:1-9 and 15: “Truly O people in Zion, inhabitants of Jerusalem, you shall weep no more” (Isaiah 30:19). I can quote more and more, but the point is, were these dreamers aware of the existence of my cave-dwelling ancestors in Matopos, Makonde caves (Sindia), Wedza, Nyanga, Mhondoro etc? We all have some overlapping primitive beliefs in the supernatural, but while the world and human existence dates back millions of years, the Eden and Adam-based human genealogy is never true of all humans. Add that Adam lived 930 years, calculate his descendents’ lives to Noah’s descendents to the birth of death of Jesus Christ to now. It is hardly 6,000 years. It is thus clear that the Bible(ists) base their story on primitive, arrogant bigots, dreamers who followed their hallucinations, propagated by dogmatic and undemocratic elders and leaders.

It is ridiculous that one can claim to be religious and democratic at the same time, because once you are religious you are dogmatic. Note that all families, tribes, nations and races started off primitive, some progressed fast, others slowly. Sadly Aborigines and Africans lag furthest behind. Remember that the head of the family was, initially, the head of all affairs, would dictate, impose and mould his family/clan the way he wanted. Hence the dominance of the male in beliefs and even in the deity. Hence might is right. Hence fear of the ‘almighty’ prevents questioning the fairness in depriving the honest Esau and blessing the liar and cheating Jacob (Genesis 27:24-36). Amusing; the same divine power metes instant justice to Ananias and Sapphira when they cheat (Acts 5:3-11).

Then we are supposed to believe that the same criminal/liar Jacob indeed wrestled with God at Peniel, named Israel (Genesis, 46:22-31), was promised to be a great nation in Egypt (Genesis 46:2-3). And could/would a god of all nations encourage killing, looting, theft, barbarism, the hogwash and diatribes in Deuteronomy 7:1-6; Jeremiah 51:21-23, Exodus 3:21-22? I can quote more chapters on the bible hogwash on encouraging cruelty, the reality is that religion was (in all tribes) created by the dogmatic head relying on his dreams, hallucinations, propaganda and heritage.

Cannot some media be found to enlighten religionists? Kindly bear with my brainwashed, gullible and timid African brethren. The worst defeat inflicted on Africans by aliens, imperialists was/is the psychological one. To make it worse the imperialists first make a fool out of the best (the leader). Hence you find in Africa a leader is a member (or boss) of the Church of England, Holland, USA, Rome etc.

Sadly, religion in Africa is mistaken for morals and yet it is the epitome of arrogance and selfishness, e.g. read the silly talk “…Lord, let me first go and bury my father.” No, “…Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead” (Matthew 8:21-22). Then read “…I have not come to bring peace but a sword…” (Matthew 10:34-39). Yet, elsewhere he is said to be Prince of Peace and selfless. Anyway, well for his generation and tribe. To admire such in this era and area calls for the suspension of logic. Why would anyone now and 10,000 km away despise my relatives, friends: emulate/adore an arrogant, primitive egoist who died more than 2,000 years ago. He talked of false prophets; he was one of them. The so-called second coming is based on false primitive dreams and hallucinations. The prophecies are mere prognostications based on previous events. All regions and nations/tribes have natural disasters, plagues and most have wars. Plagues were not in Egypt alone. Famine? Did not many Jews migrate to Egypt when there was a famine in Israel? Well, unlike ‘waffling’ prophets (generalising/prognosticating on previous events) scientists can accurately forecast some natural events to the exact minute and place. I recall, e.g. in June 2001 and on 9 December 2002 (here in Zim a total eclipse of the sun at the exact place and time). Nothing mystical as per religionists.

Since the events leading to the condemnation of Galileo by Christians the majority of westerners have come to realise that all phenomena considered mysterious and transcendental, are mathematically, scientifically proved (or disproved) and predictable.

Perhaps the Western imperialists’ desired effect has been achieved: with the barrage not only over charged cannons (described by my later father as ‘nganoon’) but the threat of the ‘everlasting bonfire’, blacks have been made very imaginative. Thus to the majority African the second coming is real, hell is real, despite endless strife in Jerusalem, my ill-learned black apostles sing daily that they will soon join mighty Jesus in Jerusalem (I am ill-equipped, I would send you tons of discs of ‘circus’ being prayers and spiritual healing sessions). Defeated psychologically, to the African everything western, from children’s toys through childish silly tales of talking snakes, the calf sharing the same plate with the rugged Russian bear to the neutron bomb, is superb and real. It is pathetic that my African bastardisation was caused by the traders anyway. But the large-scale bastardisation was not with the extremely clannish selective Jews. It was with other liberal races and not in those early, primitive biblical days.

By the way, what then happened to the very communicative “God of Israel”, always forewarning on events to come? It is strange that after “sacrificing his only son” to end sin and strife, there is worse sin and strife; Jerusalem is not a quiet habitation (Isaiah 9). (Gaborone is but never known by the Lord.) Is he the same kind Lord now sitting quietly in eternal peace in Jerusalem (on Mount Zion) now without forewarning, dispensing storms, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, landslides, causing great suffering/deaths, which he could prevent (if he wanted as suggested by religion), just to prove his might. As much as he sacrificed his only son to save the world which was never saved and to make Israel the greatest nation, which was almost wiped out by Hitler instead. So much for propagating and adhering to primitive, arrogant/bigotry/dogma based on archaic dreamers submissive to illusions and hallucinations.

Brethren, and some religious zealots elsewhere, do not realise that the unending strife in the Middle East (current changes of leaders aside) now spreading to north Africa, is sustained by adherence to such primitive bigotry, dogma and propagating the mythical tribal superiority, ignoring the reality that man has always been the most selfish of all animals. And even among humans themselves, there have always been those who want to dominate others. Brothers and sisters, all religion is rubbish. A prayer is a wish! Surely we cannot live without wishes. However fervent our wishes/prayers, they can never erect an imaginary thing into something tangible. Heaven and Hell never exist.

My timid, gullible, submissive fellow Africans, how kind to you Africans (and how cruel are they to themselves) the British that they have set you to fight for the ideal and eternal (actually imaginary) kingdom of mighty Jesus while they are actually acquiring real space and opportunities for themselves and their offspring? They (British) have so far acquired America, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and are currently in Afghanistan for the same purpose. And they are positively convinced that Jesus is coming to nullify all earthly wealth and kingdom yesterday?!

The socio-political systems adopted by all so-called independent African leaders are based on former colonial masters, having been won back soon after hoisting ‘own flag’ and for decades the masses will celebrate the flapping piece of cloth, realising too late that they have entrenched the same old oppressive robbery, only the complexion or individuals have changed. In our case (Zimbabwe) Messrs Morgan and Robert are just different sides of the same (worthless) banknote. Leaders are converted to imperialists’ ideals via flattery, baubles, i.e. awards such as Nobel Peace to a leader whose soldiers are at war elsewhere, doctorates and lavish birthday parties and golden statues while masses starve (literally) to death.

Harmony lies in facing reality. Yes, all our ancestry is primitive. Indeed it is the desire for eternal life (I wish there was) which keeps the otherwise clear landscape of logic clouded with imaginary devils and fatuous gods (I wish there were an infallible, divine, almighty, unerring supernatural being with voluntary decisions and not the creations of primitive human imaginations and hallucinations). Harmony lies in all of us treating and accepting each other as equals, realising that religion is a primitive creation. The maker of the environment (for the moment I assume the agnostic stance) designed it in such a way that we would all be dependent on it and be part of it, fairly, i.e. if you live in Egdon Heath where oranges happen to grow as wild fruit, I must pay you for bringing me some to Harare. But, if I come to Egdon Heath and collect some, you never deserve a penny since you never planted nor watered the orange trees. Thus as per nature, no one even king, queen, people, prime minister, president, mayor etc deserves a penny for any piece of land where they never put anything.

The maker of the environment never commercialised it. Humans did. And the maker never created popes, priests, prime ministers, kings, queens (leaders). Among humans the articulate/cunning manipulated others. Well, initially, it was with good intentions (perhaps), to cause order in the sharing/allocation of what each area of the environment has. Alas! Tell me a single leader who is not abusing power, although in my region the abuse and selfishness is much much worse. At the current level of information we should discard the primitive philosophy, forget the past and work as one civilised humanity.


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