Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the new face of money

“They never freed us. They only took the chain from around our neck and put it on our ankles.” - Anti-apartheid activist

It is not altogether fair to say that Mandela “sold out.” There is simply no escape from the “web” spun by global capital. Indeed, at the national level there is no escape. Capital is global. That is its trump card against any attempt to defy its dictates that is confined within national boundaries. The resistance to capital must also be organised on a global scale if it is to have any chance of success.

South Africa is to issue a complete set of banknotes bearing the image of its first black president, Nelson Mandela. It may seem churlish to begrudge Mandela his current little luxuries or his present adulation after 27 years in prison. But what are his benefactors’ motives?

In South Africa, a number of people with black skins appear to have done very well out of the change-over from white domination apartheid, and become a new elite in control of the toilers.

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