Sunday, April 29, 2012

Africa's sick record

Shedding more insight on global health issues, Luis Sambo, Director of WHO-Afro disclosed that while 59 million people died globally in 2008, 19 per cent of these deaths were in the African continent which attributes only 12 per cent of world population. He further pointed out that 63 per cent of these deaths were caused by communicable diseases of which about 16 per cent are attributed to Human immune Virus (HIV).

According to Sambo, "While developing countries especially those in sub-Saharan Africa face both communicable and non-communicable diseases, some of the health inequalities seen could have been averted through the adoption of relevant health and economic policies."

Samir Banoob, Professor of Health Policy and Management and President of International  Health Management, stressed the need for medical professionals to live up to public expectations and adhere to ethical  standards. "Public health saves thousands of live and professionals should serve the public without prejudice - not closing their eyes to victims of negligence, war and political unrest while people die unreasonably,"

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