Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DRC blues

In Kinasha, DRC, things have got better for the few. The progress has mostly benefited the narrow elite - the number of new highrises, restaurants, internet cafés and bars is astounding (as are the prices on the menus). For the average citydweller, life has gotten harder, mostly because the cost of living has gone up. There is a big infrastructure improvement in Kinshasa and Lubumbashi ,but the rest of the country has completely been forgotten. For example, in BuKavu and Goma there is a housing boom and villas are spreading up like mushrooms but there is no more paved roads and public hospitals are in decay, even the hotel de ville (city hall) is a rundown building, once you live Kinshasa and Lubumbashi you start to feel that there is no government in the rest of the country.

Widening the gap in standard of living/lifestyle, between have's and have not's, in a country like Congo, can hardly be considered progress.

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