Friday, July 13, 2012

Nothing is black and white

In 2010 the median monthly earnings for black South Africans was R2167. The figure for whites was R9500. So on a relative scale it is true that whites are considerably better off than black South Africans.

However, a point that is seldom made that in 2009 half of white adults earned less than R100,000 per annum. Consider also that black South Africans earning between R100,000 and R300,000 per annum may soon outnumber their white compatriots by two to one. Only 15% of whites end up in private schools.

Blaming blacks or whites or apartheid or whatever for the inequalities we now confront will not get us anywhere. Rather it is time to point out that it is capitalism which is at fault, the few possessing the wealth and the many serving their needs.

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