Thursday, October 01, 2015

Fact of the Day (2)

The world produced $77.9 trillion (R1.08 quadrillion) in 2014 – and South Africa contributed 0.45% of that making it the 33rd biggest economy in the world with a GDP contribution of $349.8 billion (R4.83 trillion), though this is down from $366 billion (R5.06 trillion) in 2013. The US state of Maryland has the 15th highest GDP output of all American states at $348.6 billion, coming in a few billion dollars shy of South Africa’s GDP.

 Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria is the 22nd biggest GDP contributor in the world at $568.5 billion (R7.86 trillion).

However, split among its 178.5 million people, the country carries a much lower GDP per capita of $3,185 (R44,027). South Africa has GDP per capita of $6,480 (R89,574).

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