Monday, January 01, 2018

New Year Message

Another new year has arrived and with it the usual crop of wishes for health and wealth.

Capitalism is a system of society which divides people rather than unites them — capitalist from worker, men from women, blacks from whites, nation from nation. It teaches us competition not co-operation competition for jobs, housing and something that approximates to a bearable standard of living. The division between capitalist and worker is inherent in capitalism — their interests are totally opposed and can never be reconciled. But the divisions between workers are not inherent —they are encouraged by the conditions in which we live and work but could be overcome through a recognition of our common class interests, our mutual inter-dependence and, above all, the need for radical change. Only the working class is free to take the step which will remove social contradictions and the obstacles to the progress of human society.

At the commencement of another year, it may be expected that the Socialist Banner blog should send out to our fellow-workers the customary New Year message. However,  it becomes increasingly difficult to find anything fresh to say upon the recurrence of such a monotonous event as the birth of another year without repeating platitudes. The year which has just drawn to a close has not been a particularly happy one for the workers. If we have a New Year’s message, it is that the progress of humanity does not require the needless loss of millions of lives which we keep witnessing every year.

So let this new year be the year we express our class solidarity and unite against the capitalist system and that our New Year resolution that we will organise democratically with or fellow-workers to abolish capitalism and bring about a society in which we can all start to become healthy, happy and wise. That is our toast to the New Year - "To a harmonious life for all men and women and for their dedication in the new year to work towards their emancipation and happiness".

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