Thursday, March 01, 2018

The Law of Capitalism

Although there is criminal incompetence of Africa's post-colonial black  elites (the people who call themselves presidents, prime ministers, and in  some instances kings and princes of the continent have waged war on their  own people and plundered the continent's wealth to ever bulging Bank account  in Switzerland), the main problem of the continent is capitalism.

It is common knowledge that up to two-thirds of the world's population is hungry, while millions actually die from starvation each year. Why in a  world of potential plenty is so elementary a human need as food neglected for some many

Some would deny that we live in a world of plenty and claim that the cause of world hunger is natural scarcity. That in other words, some people starve simply because not enough food can be produced.

In the present state scientific knowledge and productive techniques, enough food could be produced adequately to feed the population of the world.

World malnutrition then is not a natural but a social problem. Its cause must be sought not in any lack of natural resources but in the way society is organised. World society everywhere rests on the basis of the resources
of the world, natural and manufactured, by very rich minorities.

The market creates an artificial scarcity and organised waste that is responsible for poverty and hunger in the world today. The law that governs everywhere is "no profit, no production".

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