Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The election farce

The election farce

As we stand in Zimbabwe, the farce called election is a circus to make the majority endorse the military junta as a democratically elected government. The “international community” is fully aware that a military coup took place and that the current regime is illegal, and that Mnangagwa is as much a bigot (if not worse) as Mugabe anyway. But, tragically, the powerful elite of the international community is not worried about the violations of human rights by Zim bigots. They want trading partners endorsed by the (manipulated) Zim electorate.

In reality, Manangagwa has been Mugabe’s king-maker since 1978. He owes the majority of Zim an apology (for the socio-economic mess we are in.) Of course, he like Mugabe came in 1980. Smith’s cardinal sin was refusing to cede power to him; to Mnangagwa, Mugabe’s cardinal sine was refusing to cede power to him. Who can be fooled by Mnangagwa? He has been a member (since 1978) of the ZANU (PF) politiburo. He has been in cabinet since 18th April 1980! He was the chief architect of ZANU (PF)’s refusal to hand over power to the overwhelming winner in the 2008 election, the MDC (Mugabe confessed that even at gunpoint when he was forced to sign in November 2017.)

In reality, the greatest schemer and the greatest flatterer of Mugabe were the very ED (Mnangagwa )! To a larger extent RD (Mugabe) was well informed about the ED conspiracy, but (his worse blunder) was to let his nagging wife loose:- she was thinking and planning aloud! To be loved to madness, such was her great desire (she and hubby paid dearly for it.) Articulate made a pre-emptive move. The only difference (major) between ED and RG is that one is lighter and the other is darker in complexion. They are both arrogant, extremely selfish and very insensitive to the agony of the people of Zimbabwe. We suffer too much, but both RG and ED invest heavily in murder technology/technicians (the military). Zimbabwe is under no threat from anyone. If ED was slightly better than RG the first thing he would have done was (on day one of his 100 days) would have been to renounce the military academy on 2nd St. Ext./Mazoe Road and proclaim it ‘No.1 Civilian University’ in Zim. He confiscated/collected $U.S. billions from fellow looters since the November 2017 coup. But instead of doing some good he is just putting up billboards, etc campaigning. I, like many, live under threat of eviction from my residence, whose purchase price I paid for in 1996 (in full) and starvation. Yet, I, like many, am not pleading for government handouts, but for the benefit of what I worked for, and saved up to 2008 (for my old age), but was frozen by the bank with central government blessing.

Now, please, show me an ED who has the people (apart from his own relatives) at heart. Well, in Britain you may enjoy the theatrical Julius Caesar, Macbeth, King Lear etc., in Zimbabwe we experience/suffer the live ones in different names. The Duncans and the Pompeys have been disposed; we are the Marulus and Flavius asking the crowd and the cobbler who confesses: “…indeed sir, we rejoice ED’s triumph…”, and we ask “wherefore rejoice, are we not in the same mess which ED and RG dumped us? Is not ED in the same mood of “to be thus is nothing but to be safely thus?” Of course, witch hunting and purging will occupy his entire life.

 Harare, Zimbabwe

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