Thursday, December 13, 2018

Battlefield Africa

  1. Odyssey Lightning: With the primary objective of removing ISIS from Sirte, Libya in 2016, this operation needed a clever-sounding and what’s better at putting into words a strike against the enemy than lightning?
  2. Junction Serpent: Another in a series of operations in Libya, Junction Serpent was supposed to provide targeting information for DoD strikes carried out in the previously-mentioned Odyssey Lightning.
  3. Jukebox Lotus: The name for the crisis response to the Sept. 2012 terror attack against the diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. 
  4. Octave Anchor: We’ll just have to assume that Anchor means Navy SEALs 
  5. Juniper Shield: This is the overall name for U.S. military ops against al Qaeda in northwest Africa and the training of partner forces. 
  6. Juniper Nimbus: This op seems to be centered around counter-Boko Haram efforts in Nigeria.
  7. Nimble Shield: No idea what this one is about. But I do know the name sounds similar to Nimble Archer, a 1987 operation in which the Navy struck Iranian oil platforms.
  8. Junction Rain: A Coast Guard-African partner operation involving the boarding of ships using Junction and Rain, likely to signify its amphibious nature.
  9. Octave Shield: The op mainly focused on terror groups in Somalia.
  10. Objective Voice: One of the ops that Africom has publicly flaunted, Objective Voice, previously called Assured Voice – Africa, had a mission to counter extremist propaganda. 
  11. Jupiter Garrett: This seems to be about drone operations in Somalia, according to 
  12. Observant Compass: The mission to kill or capture , Joseph Kony
  13. Echo Casemate: This name was used to describe an airlift of peacekeepers to the Central African Republic in 2013. 
  14. Juniper Micron: This was the U.S. military’s part in providing support to France in Mali. 
  15. Rainmaker
  16. Odyssey Resolve: The first of three phases, this op was for intelligence-gathering ahead of U.S. strikes in Libya. 
  17. Oaken Steel: A brief, rapid deployment of troops to the U.S. Embassy in Juba, South Sudan
  18. Oblique Pillar
  19. Oaken Sonnet: Contingency operations in South Sudan
  20. Justified Seamount
  21. New Normal: “New Normal” operation is basically a quick-reaction force-type mission for whatever new incident might happen to go down on the continent, apparently.
A list of  U.S. military operations that have taken place or are still ongoing on the African continent,

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