Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Urban Mogadishu

Some 2.6 million people live in Mogadishu, with more than 28,000 people per square kilometre, making the Indian Ocean city the second most densely populated in the world after Dhaka in Bangladesh. About 600,000 displaced people live across Mogadishu, with many families evicted multiple times as developers, buoyed by a construction boom, seek to build on land where informal settlements have sprung up. About a third of new displacements recorded in the Horn of Africa country from 2017 to mid-2018 were to, or within, the war-scarred city,

Erratic rainfall, prolonged drought, floods and difficulties accessing markets continue to drive rural Somalis into urban areas, following a 2011 famine which killed 260,000 people. 

"We are continuing to observe new internally displaced families arriving in Mogadishu," said Melaki Yirga, deputy regional director for the charity Mercy Corps. "These women, men and children have very little access to humanitarian support such as basic food."

Some 4.2 million Somalis - a third of the population - will need humanitarian aid and protection in 2019, one-third less than in 2018, largely due to good rainfall this year, the United Nations says. More than 60 percent of these people - 2.6 million - are internally displaced, with female-headed households, children and the elderly particularly at risk, it says.

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