Sunday, December 22, 2019

Yet Another Disaster - A Locust Plague

Locusts have destroyed 175,000 acres of farmland in Somalia and neighbouring Ethiopia, threatening food supplies in both countries in the worst locust invasion in 70 years, the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) said.

An average swarm can contain up to 58 million locusts per square mile, destroying crops that could feed 2,500 people for a year, the FAO said.

Many are without food to feed their families. 

Ashagre Molla, a father of seven from Woldia in the Amhara region 435 miles north-east of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, said he had so far received no help from the government. He was projecting to harvest up to 6,613 lbs of cereal grass teff as well as maize this season.

"But because of desert locusts and untimely rains I only got 400 kg (882 lbs) of maize and expect only 200 kg (441 lbs) of teff," he said. "This is not even enough to feed my family."

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