Friday, January 01, 2021

Greetings for the New Year



We hope that the new year will find our blog visitors in good health and spirit. We hope that they will spread socialist message further among working people. Let us all redouble our efforts in the coming year to bring closer the day when the socialist revolution will be a reality. New Year’s Greetings to all comrades and friends in the spirit of world socialism.

Our socialist solidarity makes all differences of race, creed, color, and nationality disappear. It celebrates the unity of all workers everywhere. It crosses all national frontiers, it transcends all language barriers, it ignores all religious schisms. It makes clear the irreconciliable chasm between wage-slaves and their masters. In 2021 we reaffirmed our commitment to a new world, a class-free world, a peaceful world, a sustainable world without poverty or hunger, the true harmony of humanity. We clasped hands and we embrace fellow-workers across all borders. There is but one race – the human race. We say we are all the same one family, brother and sister. 


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