Wednesday, August 04, 2021

The Vaccine Shortage

 As of Monday that at least 70% of U.S. adults are now at least partly vaccinated against the coronavirus—compared to just barely over 1% when it comes to the world's poorest nations

Just 20 million Africans or 1.5% of the continent's population are fully vaccinated so far.

Just 1.7% of the 3.7 billion doses given globally have been administered in Africa.

The Washington Post reported Friday, "wealthy nations cut deals directly with vaccine-makers, securing a disproportionately large share of early supply and undermining a fledgling Covax, the WHO-backed push to distribute shots equitably" on which Africa has been dependent.

"Wealthy governments shouldn't be prioritizing giving third doses when much of the developing world hasn't even yet had the chance to get their first Covid-19 shots,” Kate Elder, senior vaccines policy advisor at MSF’s Access Campaign, said in a statement.

The world is at a "devastating place of vaccine inequity," she said, "precisely because pharmaceutical corporations prioritized profits over lives and the countries where these companies are primarily based decided to pursue a 'me first' approach."

"The longer billions of people remain unvaccinated, the more variants will develop that threaten all of us," Elder added. "This profit-driven and self-centered approach is not only morally questionable, but shortsighted.”

As US Hits Biden's 70% Vaccination Goal, World's Poor Nations Barely Over 1% | Common Dreams News

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