Sunday, January 02, 2022

Another broken promise

 Rich nations have broken their pledge to vaccinate 40 per cent of people against Covid in every African country by the end of 2021, new figures show. The target was set at the G20 summit in Rome in October, but only Morocco, Tunisia, Botswana and Rwanda have reached it, of countries on mainland Africa.

Just seven of the continent’s 54 countries have reached the target, according to the World Health Organisation, with most lagging way behind at under 10 per cent.

Africa’s largest nation, Nigeria, has fully vaccinated just 2.1 per cent of its people, with Ethiopia (3.5 per cent) and Democratic Republic of Congo (0.1 per cent) also having among the lowest rates.

WHO is now warning that its further target of 70 per cent coverage in every nation of the world by June 2022 looks doomed.

“As things stand, predictions are that Africa may not reach the 70 per cent vaccination coverage target until August 2024,” said regional director Matshidiso Moeti.

The UK also continues to block the lifting of patents on Covid vaccines – to drive down the cost for developing countries.

 Rich nations break pledge to vaccinate 40% of Africa against Covid by end of 2021 | The Independent

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