Monday, July 04, 2022

Inflation in Kenya

 Some families in Kenya are eating just once a day, or not at all, because of rising food prices.

Kenya Bureau of Statistics shows prices 12.4% higher in May 2022 than they were in May 2021.

Maize, which is grown in Kenya and also imported from neighbouring countries, is consumed by most households. It is a cheaper option during lean times, but Kennedy Nyagah, chairman of the United Grain Millers Association, says there is now a shortage.

"I would attribute it to a crop failure because of inadequate rainfall and issues around prices of farm inputs like fertilizers," he adds.

International Crisis Group analyst Meron Elias warns that the cost-of-living crisis could cause instability, especially in the coming general election.

"Although the outcome of the election is uncertain - a credit to Kenya's democracy - we fear that frustration around high food prices and general inflation make it easier for politicians to mobilise frustrated crowds in the streets. It also creates the risk that unemployed youth could be recruited into gangs to commit violence during the electoral period."

Kenya's cost-of-living crisis: 'I can't afford rice for my children' - BBC News

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