Monday, July 30, 2007

Sierra Leone thwarted from producing own food

Food imports are keeping Sierra Leone from realising agricultural self-sufficiency . 80 percent of food is imported, mostly from the USA and Europe, and local farmers struggle to compete.

According to ActionAid, of the 780,000 hectares of available farmland in Sierra Leone, but just only 15 percent is being used for food production. Local crops are of higher quality than those being imported from Europe and North America. Local rice is much better than imported rice; it is higher in nutritional value and more disease resistant.
Yet the country continues to eat rice from outside its borders. Multinational companies and the promotion of trade liberalisation have opened up countries like Sierra Leone for dumping of farm products from highly subsided farmers in the EU and the USA .

According to the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation , 80 percent of Sierra Leoneans live in poverty and most households do not have access to sufficient food.

According to ActionAid, 852 million people around the world suffer from chronic hunger.

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