Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Street Kids of Zambia

It is true that there is a problem of “Street Kids” in Zambia and it is a problem that cannot be resolved within the divisive and oppressive political and economic structures of capitalist society . The Zambian government believes that the main factor behind the incidence of Street Kids in urban areas of Zambia originates from the increasing rates of HIV/AIDS pandemic . It is inferred that most of those kids are orphans . But this is a blatant political misconception parroted by those who are benefiting from tax-payers money being wasted on the recently created Youth Rehabilitation Centres ( Kambilombilo In Kitwe).

It is a fact that many of these kids are mentally damaged - they cannot be socially integrated into mainstream society through skills empowerment or as the case may be . More or less , 90% of these kids return back to the streets often graduating from these rehabilitation centres .

What every sane minded person understands and appreciates is the fact that the presence of Street Kids only began in 1992 - after the MMD came to power. The loss of jobs consequent to the economic policies of Privatisation led to urban unemployment , disease , and crime . Thus we may infer that the main deciding factor of child delinquency in Zambia originates from the economic policies of privatisation and not otherwise .

The majority of Street Kids have living parents and extended relatives - it is HUNGER that drives them on to the streets .

Indeed , the phenomenon of homeless kids is an eye-sore in every capitalist country . It is the consequence of income and wealth inequalities that prevail under capitalism .

What I am trying to emphasise is the fact that we live in societies where there is antagonistic class interests between the workers and the rich (the bourgeoisie) . There is no need to lose hope that capitalism will remain intact no matter how hard we advocate Socialism . We are not deaf to economic and social programmes that are aimed at ameliorating working class living standards - but we are averse to supporting wholeheartedly the abstract principle of economic reformism conceived under political democracy as such.

Our political vision is Socialism . The complete eradication of capitalism though political means .Working class inspired political revolution .

K. Mulenga

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