Friday, July 20, 2007

Wealth and Food

Socialist Banner has previously remarked on fashion and women's figures and now we have again been directed to a similar BBC story .

In some African societies being fat remains a symbol of status and power and in Nigeria, the rich can pay for special "fattening rooms" to put on extra weight.

"In the morning you eat fine," says Happiness Edem, recalling her time in the fattening room in the Nigerian city of Calabar. "After eating you can take a bath. From there you can sleep, you sleep fine, you wake up, you eat, you sleep." Happiness attended the fattening centre for a total of six months, at the request of her husband, Morris Eyo Edem, leading up to their wedding.
By the time she had come out, her body shape had changed completely - to the delight of her husband.

As a prince, Eyo Edem requires a particularly large wife, and adds that a slim wife would have no appeal for him.

"I don't think I will ever even do that," he says. "People will think I am not rich... If a woman is not fat and has not gone through that process she does not qualify for marriage."

"When you are fat, it makes you look healthy," says Happiness. "People respect you. People honour you. Wherever you go, they say, 'your husband feed you fine'

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