Sunday, August 26, 2007

Chinese Imperialism in Africa

An update on the previous blog

"Africa is turning into a contested area for its natural resources as states such as China, Russia and Brazil seek more intimate relations with the continent..." said Executive Director of the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation , Dr Henning Melber, adding that small local elites, "who exploit their political control over national wealth for their own gains" are collaborating "with those operating from outside offering them the most convenient - and unashamed - access to the small slice of the cake they are able to keep for themselves in such sell-out deals".

He said developed nations are desirous to explore and exploit Africa's oil, uranium oxide, diamonds, gold and other precious and strategic minerals and metals - often needed in high-tech and nanotechnology manufacturing processes in the industrialized world - as well as timber and rich fishing stocks along the coastline of the continent.

"At least some of the recent critical accounts of the aggressive expansion of Chinese interests into African countries and societies and their collaboration with local autocratic elites and despots have a hypocritical taste or at least bear traces of amnesia," said Melber.
He said the Chinese penetration smacks of "predatory capitalism" and is "appallingly imperialist", which has been abused for the dependency of the majority of the continent.

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