Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The problem is not sin


As we celebrate the festive season, we should remember that there are many people dying out there of curable diseases, starvation, in war, road accidents and just sheer poverty. Christmas is for those wishing to escape the rat race of capitalism for only a few days.

Our problems don’t originate from ‘original sin’ as Christians are taught. Today’s problems are rooted only in property relations and in the method of production and distribution of the earth’s wealth which at the moment is based on sale and profit.

Change this method to production and distribution for human satisfaction and the problem will disappear. We should work for a better world where each individual contributes to society according to their abilities and take from it according to their self-determined needs.

Justus Tukwasiibwe

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blackstone said...

I agree whole heartedly. I actually said something similar in a recent post on my blog Power to the People.

"An anarcho-syndicalist strategy holds that self-managed workers organizations and mass organizations will form the basis of a self-managed society. These new values and institutions, which vary greatly from the ones of capitalism, allow for advances to be made and services to be exchanged not for profit, but for the benefit of all Senegalese. Thereby reducing hunger, poverty, child mortality and achieving universal primary education, improved access to water, sanitation, and healthcare services."