Monday, May 21, 2012

Where are the books?

Most South Africans still face to quality education, 18 years after apartheid. A court last week found two government schools that went for five months without books in the northern Limpopo province in breach of the country's constitutional right to basic education.

"The issue of shortage of textbooks ... is not isolated in Limpopo,"
said Lukhanyo Mangona, spokesman for an NGO Equal Education. "We cannot quantify the number of (affected) schools, but everywhere you go you hear about these things."

Education was one of the main areas where blacks fought the racist apartheid regime, which sacrificed entire generations of blacks to the desks of a second-class "Bantu" education.

"Education was the foundation upon which inequality was fashioned during the years of apartheid, but unequal educational opportunities still remain amongst the greatest obstacles to equality, dignity and freedom in today's South Africa,"
said Equal Education.

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