Sunday, August 31, 2014

Black, White - What Does It Matter?


Beloved white brother:
When I was born, I was black.
When I grew up, I was black.
When I am in the sun, I am black.
When I fall ill, I am black.
When I die, I will be black.

And meanwhile you:
When you were born, you were pink.
When you grew up, you were white.
When you're in the sun, you turn red.
When you feel cold, you turn blue.
When you feel fear, you turn green.
When you fall ill, you turn yellow.
When you die, you will be grey.
So, which of us is the coloured man?

Leopold Senghor, poet of Senegal

What is socialism?
No nations,
No borders,
No races,
No colours.

One world of diversity where each respects the other. A world of common inheritance where everything belongs to everyone, and to no one.


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