Monday, March 28, 2016

South African White Poverty

The number of whites living below the poverty line is growing in South Africa. An estimated 400,000 white South Africans live in white squatter camps in South Africa. The Daily Mail UK reported that there are about 80 squatter camps where white squatter families live. They have little food, little or no running water, and no electricity. Shanty houses are surrounded by clapped out cars as children play along the dusty wasteland in the scorching sun. What water is available is infested with mosquitos, breeding illness and disease.

Although the estimate on whites living in poverty in South Africa is thought to be 400,000, this is out of a white population of about 4 million while the country’s population is about 50 million. Those who live in white squatter camps may receive a monthly stipend of about $40.95 while they are often denied access to basic healthcare services.

Leigh Du Preez, who works for the South African Family Relief Project (SAFRP) charity, said those at the camp have little chance of finding a job. Leigh said: ‘As soon as they read your application and see you are from a white squatter camp, they turn you down. ‘It’s very difficult to get a job if employers know you live in one.’

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