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Nigeria: an artificial entity

All States are artificial but the new ones in Africa are particularly so as they reflect the carve-up of Africa by the former colonial powers. We publish a contribution below, without of course endorsing its Biafran nationalism, which illustrates this.

Nigeria is one of the countries in West Africa that got her independence from the Great Britain on 1st October 1960 after Ghana. From the declaration of an  independence, Nigeria has been a confused nation because of  the poor qualities of their leaders and cronies. It is a  nation that is made up of various ethnic fools and sycophants ranging from 250 to 400 ethnic groups. Nigeria has a population of one hundred and ninety two millions people. Nigeria has three major ethnic tribes, the Igbos from the east, the Hausas from the north and the Yorubas from the west.

Actually, what orchestrated the declaration of Biafra Republic was because of anti Igbo pogrom of 1966. From 1960 Nigeria independence, the Nigeria politicians took over power from Britain to enrich themselves thereby introduced  nepotism, tribalism and corruption at the highest level. Some refined Igbo military officers deemed it necessary and did coup d'état in January 15, 1966. Some Northern and Western politicians were killed, while the Eastern politicians were not killed because of the Cypriot Bishop that visited Enugu on the day of the coup. The coup plotters'  intention was    to introduce “socialism” among Nigerians and thereby appointed Chief Obafemi Awolowo of Yoruba ethnic to become the President of Nigeria. But, the coup did not go well among other Nigeria tribes.

Therefore, a counter coup was staged by Northern military officers led by Theophilus Danjuma, William Walbe, Jeremiah Useni, Murtala Mohammed. The executed General Aguiyi Ironsi, the Nigeria Head of State, on July 29,1966 with his guest in Government house Ibadan, Col. Adekunle Fajuyi, the military administrator of Western region. General Ironsi was murdered just because he was an Igbo. The most horrifying thing was that Gen. Ironsi and Col. Fajuyi was abducted from government house Ibadan and murdered and buried in Iwo town near the border with Benin Republic.
General Ironsi's chief of army staff, Yakubu Gowon took over power as Nigeria Head of State and never bothered to declare the death of his boss Ironsi to Nigerians. When Gen. Ironsi was rounded up in government house Ibadan, in the early hours of the morning by troops led by Theophilus Danjuma, he desperately tried to contact Yakubu Gowon for a rescue team but, Gowon never picked up the call. Yakubu Gowon and Theophilus Danjuma were the worst betrayals of our generation. They had forgotten the good old days when Gen. Ironsi took them as his own brothers and fed them with love and compassion.

The killing of Igbos was declared by Nigeria army under Yakubu Gowon regime since 1966 and the Igbos had no other choice than to defend themselves against the vultures called Nigeria. thereby, declared the Republic of Biafra on May 30, 1967. The death of General Ironsi was announced on January 14, 1967 by Col. Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu to Igbos as the military Governor of Eastern region.

The kingdom of Biafra existed 500 years before Nigeria was created by Lord Lugard's amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorates in 1914. The amalgamation was actually a fraud and deceit by the colonial master Britain in order to exploit the Biafran people of their resources. The inhabitants of Biafra were mostly the Igbo people who led the secession due to ethnic, economic, cultural and religious inquisitions among the various ethnics of Nigeria.

Biafra is made up of other ethnics like Efik, Ibibio,Annang, Ejagham, Eket, Ibeno, Ijaw, Itsekiri, Urhobo, Isoko among others. Biafrans in 1967 were seventeen million people. They are hard-working people, resilient with sound vision. Today Biafrans are seventy five million people. Igbos are the Jews of Nigeria and the convex lens to expose Nigeria atrocities to outside world. The Hausa Fulani master and the Yoruba slave agents are interested in the resources from Biafraland but not interested in the potentials of the Biafran people.

The Nigeria Federation was formed on a foundation of sand and not on solid rock like Biafra Republic. Nigeria is never one and can never be one. Nigeria is ruled by Wahhabi, Salafist doctrines of the  royal house of Saud in the Saudi Arabia. It is the country where thieves are hailed and given post of responsibilities.

On May 30, 1967 when Biafra declared her independence, Nigeria was on the brink of going back to the abject poverty as Biafraland was their only hope of living. Therefore, the remaining Nigeria Federation ganged up with other African states whose hope of survival is from Biafraland to fight Biafra.

Biafra waged war against Nigeria Federation, Arab states, Russia and Britain with only one hundred and twenty eight rifles. Because Biafrans are determined people in what the believe, they were able to stand the enemies for three good years. During the Nigeria-Biafra brutal war from 1967 to 1970, Biafra produced weapons, battle tanks, pharmaceuticals, cassava beer, refined petrol even manufactured aircraft but did not fly.

Biafra was formally recognised by Gabon, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Zambia. Other nations  provided support assistance to Biafra included Israel, France, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Zimbabwe South Africa and the Vatican City. After three years of brutal civil war which over three millions Biafran civilians died  from starvation caused by total blockage of the region by the Nigerian government. And on the Nigeria side, millions were killed too.

During the war, the Igbo neighbours mindset was polluted by Hausa, Fulani and their Yoruba puppets that Igbos are their enemies and the believed them. Those that promised Niger Deltans security ended up killing them, abusing and humiliating them. So, awakening the consciousness of Deltans after several years of slavery by Nigeria.

Major. Isaac Jasper Boro, born to Kaiama family from Bayelsa State in 1938, was recruited with one thousand river men into Nigeria army to fight Biafra by Gowon. They were recruited to join 3rd marine commando headed by headed by Benjamin Adekunle. And it was the same third marine commando that killed him on May 16, 1968 in Port Harcourt.

Another, victim of the Nigeria Federation scam was Ken Saro Wiwa, who was a commissioner in Port Harcourt. He was used to betray Biafra. In 10 November, 1995 he was executed  by the Sanni Abacha junta for becoming environmentalist for the Ogoni people. Today, Niger Deltans know that the Igbos are there best brothers and sisters.

After fourty nine years of the brutal civil war, the Igbos have regrouped, under Indigenous People of Biafra by Mazi.Nnamdi Kanu, all over the world to demand for the Republic of Biafra which has come to stay now. Kanu was arrested on October 18, 2015 by Mohammed Buhari agents, the DSS, on his arrival in Nigeria from the United Kingdom. He has been in detention since then till today with other Biafra activists. He made Biafra more popular now than before. Kanu did not commit any crime under international law. The courts in Nigeria granted him unconditional bail but, Buhari is using his executive power to hold Kanu in Kuje prison with frivolous charges that has no evidence.
That was the reason why Biafra exited from Nigeria in 1967. Nigeria does not respect the rule of law and their footsoldiers does not know what a code of conduct means. So, Biafrans saw that Nigeria is not a progressive nation and decided to pursue their future.

Today Nigeria is more divided than before under the leadership of President Buhari and his cohorts. The Nigeria Federation has failed everybody. In 2009 Mohammed Youssuf formed Boko Haram in north-east of Nigeria demanding to have their caliphate. Boko Haram means that women education is forbidden. Niger Deltans are demanding for resource control from south south. Biafra from south- east want their independent state.

The 808 people of southern Kaduna Christians were butchered on Christmas eve and Xmas day 2016 by Janjaweed Fulani militias under Buhari's government. The Biafra protesters are also butchered everyday by Nigeria's untrained armed forces. The Niger Deltans are facing the same wrath.

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