Wednesday, August 14, 2019

South Africa's Xenophobia

While the world's media concentrates on  Trump and the ICE mass raids to capture "illegals", outrage is growing over what is seen as the targeting of undocumented migrants in South Africa. After a raid and the arrest of about 500 people, the government is being accused of using the migrants as scapegoats.  Police charged them with flouting immigration laws by entering the country illegally.

The non-governmental organization African Diaspora Forum described the arrests as "xenophobic, chaotic, brutal, inhumane and illegal."

The African Civil Revolutionary Movement (ACRM), a South African political party that seeks to unite migrants, criticized the government for trying to use them as scapegoats for its failures. "People were released even before appearing in court, they arrested them before confirming allegations. Some were unlawfully kept in custody when they had legal documents," said Tenage Kumbe, the ACRM's chairman, who called the government "biased."

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