Thursday, May 06, 2021

Uganda's New Anti-Gay Laws

 Uganda's parliament passed a controversial sexual offences bill which further criminalises same-sex relationships and sex work.

They condemn same-sex couples who perform acts deemed against the “order of nature” to 10 years’ imprisonment.

Monicah Amoding, the MP who proposed the bill, said, “We are not yet ready for those [homosexual] rights. Maybe in future, as of now our society still views relationships, sex and marriage … as between a man and woman.”

 Frank Mugisha, director at Sexual Minorities Uganda said: “It is unfortunate that the parliament of Uganda is obsessed with legislating around people’s private lives. Such legislation is very hard to enforce. This will only increase the vulnerability of LGBT persons,” he said. “This is yet another law that will be used by law enforcers to harass, blackmail and arrest LGBT persons. I also do not see the need, since same-sex relations are already criminalised in our penal code.”

Uganda passes bill criminalising same-sex relationships and sex work | Global development | The Guardian

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