Saturday, September 18, 2021

Climate solutions for Africa

 The level of energy poverty in Africa is unacceptable. Three-quarters of those without access to electricity now live in sub-Saharan Africa, a share that has risen over recent years. The majority of all Africans do not have clean energy sources for cooking. The number of deaths from respiratory infections is enormous and avoidable.

Africa's vast natural resources have been exploited for the benefit of others through transnational corporations and have left behind the majority of Africa’s people.

Climate change will hit Africa the hardest. In fact, global warming and extreme weather events are already threatening the poorest and most vulnerable people on the continent. 

The 6th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), released 9 August 2021, exposed the fact that global warming has been more rapid in Africa than in the rest of the world. This warming is already having devastating impacts on people, their livelihoods, and ecosystems. It is being driven by a greedy energy system that is based on extracting and burning fossil fuels. It is an energy system that disrespects and destroys all life on earth. The time to move away from harmful fossil fuels towards a transformed energy system that is clean, renewable, democratic, and actually serves its people, has never been more urgent.

 ‘A Just Recovery Renewable Energy Plan for Africa’ report, which is based on the research and modelling of renowned academic Dr. Sven Teske, shows that it is technically and financially feasible to achieve a 100% renewable energy goal for Africa by the year 2050. It shows a way to power Africa with renewable energy while also trying to stem the climate crisis, supporting employment, gender justice, reducing inequality, and pushing for a just recovery.

The continent surpasses all other regions in having the most potential for renewable energy. It is technically feasible.

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