Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Uganda's Welcomie to Refugees

Uganda hosts nearly 1.5 million refugees – more than any other country in Africa, in fact, more than most countries in the world. Uganda's approach to refugees has been lauded as one of the most progressive, generous and favourable in the world by the UN, the World Bank and many others. 

For many, the term “refugee camp” conjures images of fences and hopelessness, and of “temporary” tent cities that everyone knows are near-permanent. This is not the case in Uganda. Here, refugees are given land to live on and farm; they are enabled to move freely, access social services such as education, start businesses, and find employment. Above all, they are treated with dignity. In other words, they are essentially Ugandan citizens, contributing to and strengthening our economy.

Jeje OdongoUgandan Minister of Foreign Affairs, writes, "Uganda’s doors will remain open. Open to those fleeing war, to those without homes, to those seeking hope in an increasingly callous and unpredictable world." 

Uganda’s doors will remain open to refugees | Refugees | Al Jazeera

 If Uganda can do it, why not Europe and America?

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