Sunday, September 04, 2022

Religious Ant-Vaxxers in Zimbabwe

 Zimbabwe has reported at least 2,056 cases of measles as of mid-August. Virtually all of the 157 recorded deaths were in children who had not been vaccinated. Before the current outbreak, Zimbabwe had not recorded a single measles case for more than 10 years. Public health authorities are hoping the current outbreak can be contained before it becomes an epidemic.

Zimbabwe has continued vaccinating children against measles during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the drive has been hampered by religious groups preaching against vaccines. The Christian sects in question are against modern medicine and have told their members to rely on self-proclaimed prophets for healing.

For example, thousands of members of the Johane Marange Apostolic sect does not allow its members to be vaccinated or seek medical treatment when they fall sick. Sect member Kuziva Kudzanai told DW it was a sin to seek medical treatment. "If anyone gets sick, they will go to the church elders for prayers," 

Zimbabwe: Anti-vaxxers hamper measles fight | Africa | DW | 03.09.2022

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