Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Mozambique's Funding Runs Dry

 World Food Programme (WFP) is today warning that it will be forced to suspend its life-saving assistance to one million people - at the peak of the hunger season in February - unless additional funding is urgently received.

Cabo Delgado is the most food-insecure province in Mozambique and food security continues to deteriorate. 

Nearly 1.15 million people in the province are suffering “crisis” or “emergency” hunger and the latest data indicates the situation may deteriorate even further. 

Violence has intensified in recent months, with unprecedented attacks in districts close to its capital, Pemba and in neighbouring Nampula province, forcing more and more people to flee their villages. The number of displaced people has quadrupled to nearly one million people in the last two years.

Funds dry up as hunger looms in Mozambique's north - Mozambique | ReliefWeb

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